InstaMarshall – March 22, 2018 at 09:54PM

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Part of what makes RC West Jacksonville so special is the annual Port/Sack President’s Dinner. Tonight this group of Past Presidents celebrated a successful year under President Ed and provided encouragement, advice and vows of support to President-elect Jimmy. Looking forward to another great year under the leadership of one of the most qualified folks to ever serve as President! … Read More

Creating value through experiences

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At PETS this weekend, one of the consistent themes in the keynotes was providing value to your members, who are also your customers. I have firmly believed this for a long time. It is imperative that you demonstrate to your members who entrust you with their time, a very precious commodity, that they will receive in return an experience that … Read More

Official pre-show playlist for 2018 Florida Rotary PETS

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Folks were asking me for the pre-show playlist this weekend at Florida PETS. I’ve now made it public. Scan this code using Spotify to access. Have suggestions for additions? Let me know! #2018flpets #betheinspiration #rotary #energy #getmoving #upbeat #dance #retro #oldies #mmblife via Instagram EDIT: Direct link to Spotify playlist