Terrific recommendations on putting together a great presentation

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Whether you are preparing to give a presentation as part of your job or you are about to visit clubs as a District Governor, everyone wants to deliver a talk that resonates with their audience. As I was preparing for my club visits last year I read “Talk Like Ted” by Carmine Gallo. It was a terrific resource and I believe it made a huge difference in my club visits. If you are looking for a quick summary, check out this article.

Essentially, the 5 steps are:
1. Tell stories
2. Stick to 3 talking points
3. Keep it short (under 18 minutes)
4. Use humor without trying to crack jokes
5. Practice. Practice. Practice.

And before you start your presentation, take a deep breath and remember the audience is on your side (in most cases, I have a few stories). Exude confidence. You were born to do this!

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