DG MMB Update – January 11, 2017 at 03:32PM

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Was fortunate to be a judge today for the semifinal of RC South Jacksonville’s oratory competition. Incredible talent and courage displayed by these high school students as they selected one of the Rotary Foundation’s areas of focus to discuss. Gabe Wise on the far left won a $500 scholarship and will go on to compete at the finals on February 16. He spoke about how we can use art as a means to combat crime and promote economic development in Northwest Jacksonville. Lauren Martin in the center gave an excellent presentation on the importance of clean water and how we have our own version of Flint, MI right in the middle of Jacksonville. Standing next to me is my weekend @marathonhighfl running buddy, Cameron. He spoke on how we need to change the current public education system so it is less about bureaucracy and more about learning. A fantastic event and I look forward to being a judge for the finals next month. #RotaryAllStars #Rotary6970 #DGMMB #Rotary #RotaryGeek #RotaryServingHumanity via Instagram

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